Enjoy a Healthy,Curated Community

Thoughtfully Planned Amenities Create A Vibrant Lifestyle

The best communities have a way of weaving the elements of everyday life into a fabric that feels comfortable yet complete. At Headwaters, open spaces, meandering streets and intimate neighborhoods intermingle and allow residents to find their peace in any environment. Walking trails, parks, preserved natural habitat and landmark destinations connect you to the land in this signature community of new homes in Dripping Springs. All of this, in addition to an amazing multifaceted community center—with a split-level, noise-controlled pool, state-of-the-art fitness facility and more—provides a setting for gathering and recreation with an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle for all ages and family formations.

A family’s legacy.A home for future generations.

From a humble homestead with a rich history to a contemporary community, Headwaters has kept the important elements that make a true hometown feel and added new homes with views and modern amenities to create a vibrant lifestyle. Together, these thoughtfully planned neighborhoods create the perfect environment to raise a family.

Stewardship of the land is a core value here. Dating back to the Townes family that watched over their ranch lands for generations, Headwaters shares their responsibility. It embraces green building and sustainable practices not just for the greater good of the community but for the greater good of the beautiful environment its residents call home.

A Vital Community.

What is it that makes a community like Headwaters work? How does it build community pride and longevity? Headwaters has found some common denominators that make for exceptional, enduring places to live. The “Vital Communities™” approach is built on five principles:

  • HEALTHY LIVING – At Headwaters, you’ll find an abundance of recreational opportunities just outside your new home in the Texas Hill Country, including an extensive trail system, parks, an expansive amenity center with a split-level, beach-entrance pool, fitness center and more.
  • DESIGN – Headwaters’ distinctive “Hill Country Modern” architecture and design aesthetic offer contemporary style and enduring integrity with a blend of rustic materials and exceptional craftsmanship.
  • CONNECTIVITY – HUB is our central gathering place and is Wi-Fi connected—a great place to catch up with friends and neighbors about the goings-on here. But our trails system and other amenities gather folks together on a daily basis. Community involvement is important here, and we’re always looking for opportunities for collaborative programs and partnerships.
  • STEWARDSHIP – Headwaters’ land development and homebuilding practices adhere to green principles. This approach is carefully passed on to the homeowners association and individual households as a cause worth embracing.