September 1st, 2021

Things to Do in Dripping Springs, TX

Headwaters is located in Dripping Springs, TX.  A historic town, filled with attractions, and only 25 minutes from Austin, TX. Are you looking for a memorable family and friends outing and picnic spot in Dripping Springs, TX?

Do you only have a weekend to spend, and you’re looking for things to do in Dripping Springs that are accessible and inexpensive?

Are you looking to move to Dripping Springs, TX?

Dripping Springs, near Austin, TX is a fascinating destination where you can spend quality time on a short getaway.

Dripping Springs, Texas is the Gateway to the Hill Country. It’s also the Wedding Capital of Texas.

Dripping Springs, Texas 78620 is only 25 minutes from Austin by road.

Map of Dripping Springs Area

The new homes in Dripping Springs, TX have it all in terms of accessibility, entertainment options, and closeness to beaches.

As a result, the town is one of the best destinations in the Texas Hill Country for relaxing and recharging your battery.

Major attractions include swimming holes, stunning hills, the finest wine and beer flavors, live music, and breathtaking parks.

On the trails of Dripping Springs, TX 78620, you can also enjoy guided tours, hiking, and biking.

The town has everything children and adults want in one place. Therefore, it’s a terrific place for picnics and day trips with family and friends.

Let’s take a look at envy-inspiring attractions in Dripping Springs, Texas, and the greatest spots for Insta-worthy photos.

7 Best Things to Do in Dripping Springs, TX

Dripping Springs in central Texas is a renowned destination for family and friends. You can spend time in the great outdoors away from the hustle and bustle of life.

We’ve listed the top-rated Dripping Springs attractions for luxury seekers, nature lovers, photography fanatics, hopeful romantics, and lovers of craft beer.

1. Enjoy the Outdoors at the Pedernales Falls State Park

Pedernales Falls State Park

The 4,800 acre picturesque Pedernales Falls State Park is one of the natural wonders of Hill Country, TX.

During the summer months, it’s the best place to be, especially for those who enjoy water sports.

The river in the park rushes over and around scenic limestone slabs.

The river tends to create shallow pools depending on water levels, where immersing yourself is one of the best things to cool off in the summer heat.

Pedernales Falls State Park offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including:

  • Swimming in the Pedernales Falls
  • Fishing on the Pedernales river
  • Camping
  • Tubing, canyoning, and kayaking
  • Wading (not allowed in the Pedernales Falls area)
  • Biking in the magnificent Hill Country trails
  • Horseback riding
  • Hiking on the lush green area
  • Picnicking
  • Nature study

The swimming area features a magnificent sandy beach and huge cypress trees for shade.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday, 8 am – 10 pm

Age Limit: 13 and older

2. Enjoy Upbeat Live Music in Dripping Springs, Texas

Dripping Springs Live Music

Dripping Springs provides a variety of live music venues, whether you want to relax all day or enjoy a busy nightlife while visiting Hill Country, TX.

You’re guaranteed to catch someone on stage every weekend, or Monday through Saturday at these serene Hill Country settings:

Learn to Dance at Mercer Street Dancehall

Mercer Dancehall, located on the north side of Mercer Street, is the true dancehall of Texas.

You can enjoy happy hour at Mercer Dancehall every Friday through Sunday while sipping on a craft cocktail.

Rock n roll, blues, and country music are among the genres that will give you the honky-tonk vibes.

On Saturdays, Mercer Dancehall also offers free dancing lessons.

Happy Hours: Friday 4-8 pm and Saturday 5-8 pm

Band Friday times: 8-11 pm

Band Saturday times: 8-11:30 pm

Sunday Afternoon Matinee: 1-7 pm with the band 3-6 pm.

Interact With Local Musicians at Bell Springs Winery

You can sit on the patio and watch live performances at this great music scene, in addition to drinking fine wine and beer at the Sidecar Tasting Room.

They host local musicians. At their food truck, they also feature a variety of feasting selections.

Hangout at Treaty Oak Brewing and Distilling

Every Saturday, Treaty Oak Distillery has live music gigs.

While sipping on your favorite Treaty Oak cocktail, craft beer, or spirits, you can watch and listen to your favorite music.

Party at the Twisted X Brewing Company

If you have a passion for music, Twisted X Brewing in Dripping Springs also features live performances. You don’t have to go to downtown Austin to experience great live music.

Twisted X is also a perfect spot for corporate events and holiday parties.

3. Tour the Crystal Blue-Green Hamilton Pool Preserve in Dripping Springs, Texas

Hamilton Pool Preserve

The Hamilton Pool Preserve is a swimming hole located in Hill Country, TX. This historic preserve is located off Highway 71 about 20 miles west of Austin, Texas.

It’s worth noting that the Hamilton Pool Preserve has been rated one of the most beautiful places in Texas. During the summer months, it’s a popular destination.

During drought seasons, the natural pool, which is a protected ecosystem, never runs dry.

The magnificent limestone grotto formed decades ago. It formed due to erosion after the dome of an underground river collapsed.

In the 1880s, an 8-year-old boy of a German immigrant family discovered the collapsed grotto.

The 232-acre Hamilton Pool Preserve’s main features and outdoor activities include:

  • The stunning 50-foot waterfall that feeds into Hamilton Preserve
  • Limestone cliffs
  • Caves
  • Hiking and guided hiking tours on request
  • The confluence with the Pedernales River, which is a sight to behold
  • Fishing
  • Rare bird species, including the Golden-Cheeked Warbler

The picnic area and composting restroom at the parking lot are among the amenities of the Hamilton Pool.

There are a few restrictions in this Dripping Springs pool. You are not permitted to:

  • Fish
  • Ride bikes
  • Camp in the park
  • Carry pets
  • Light fires

Location: 24300 Hamilton Road, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Hours of Operation and Reservation times: Morning session (9:00 am – 12:30 pm), and afternoon session (2:00 pm – 5:30 pm). A reservation is required.

4. Explore the Milton Reimers Ranch Park in Dripping Springs, Texas

Milton Reimers Ranch Park

The Reimers Ranch Park is nestled on 2400 acres of land.

It stretches over three kilometers along the Pedernales River, which is within a short distance from the parking lot.

The park features about 18 miles of trails that wind their way through Hill Country, TX.

You can participate in activities such as:

  • Rock climbing on the tall cliffs
  • White bass fishing
  • Horseback riding (own horse)
  • Mountain biking
  • Go for a swim

On Saturdays, especially between November and April, you can also schedule a guided hiking tour at this Dripping Springs Ranch Park.

Location: 23610 Hamilton Rd. Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Hours of Operation: Every day 7:00 am to 6 PM

5. Savor the Finest Flavors of Wines, Beers, and Vodka in Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Tasting Rooms in Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs is home to over 35 distilleries, breweries, wineries, and tasting rooms. It’s also where you’ll find the best makers of beers, wines, and spirits.

Look no further than the Texas Hill Country if you enjoy craft beers, wines, gin, rye, and vodka, or if you’re seeking a starting point for distillery tours.

You can take a brewery tour or organize a wine tour with a wine expert.

The following distilleries in Dripping Springs, Texas, are worth visiting:

  • Dripping Springs Vodka Distillery
  • Deep Eddy Vodka Distillery

You’ll also have the chance to explore some of Dripping Springs’ top craft brewers, wineries, and tasting rooms, including:

  • Fitzhugh Brewing Company
  • Twisted X Brewing Company
  • Treaty Oak Brewing and Distilling
  • Bell Springs Winery and Brewery
  • Sidecar Tasting Room

6. Enjoy a Delightful Walking Tour at the Texas Hill Country Olive Company

Texas Hill Country Olive Company

Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Company, the most awarded olive oil company in Texas, is known for its authentic produce.

This family-owned business has been growing olives and producing premium extra-virgin olive oil for the past ten years.

The Gambini and Melnick families get inspiration from their Italian ancestry.

Private tours can be arranged. On Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you can schedule an orchard guided tour.

Alternatively, you can visit the Texas Hill Country Olive Company’s tasting room or Bistro to experience their delectable cuisine.

Location: 2530 W. Fitzhugh Rd. Dripping Springs TX, 78620

Open Daily 10:00am – 5:00pm

Tour Start Times: 11:00 am, 12:30 pm, 2:00 pm

7. Check Out A Soccer Game at Austin FC Stadium

Austin FC Stadium, also known as Q2 Stadium, is the newest state-of-the-art football facility in town.

The stadium has a seating capacity of 20,500, and it’s Austin’s FC Soccer Specific Venue.

It features:

  • Natural grass pitch
  • A one-of-a-kind canopy structure, which provides shade and cover for all seats
  • Unmatched event ambiance
  • Precise sightlines for an intimate viewing experience

If you are a football fan, you can purchase single-match tickets for Austin FC games.

A Road Trip To Dripping Springs, TX Is Worth Every Minute Spent

A trip to Dripping Springs, Texas is one you won’t forget if you’re looking for a short and exciting road trip.

Dripping Springs is known for its distinct wine trails, scenic natural parks, vibrant food culture, and stunning views of Hill Country, TX.

Dripping Springs is also close to some of the best beaches.

Residents of the Headwaters Community in Dripping Springs also have many family-friendly events.

We hope that this list will help you prepare better as you make plans to visit.

If you are visiting to find a new home in the area, check out a family-friendly community that offers stunning new homes with a number of homebuilders, amenities, greenbelt backyards with scenic views, and many conveniences. Check out Headwaters in Dripping Springs, TX. Better yet, join Headwaters’ Interest List.

Whether you visit Dripping Springs for a quick trip or to scope out a new potential neighborhood, you’ll undoubtedly be smiling.

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