March 7th, 2019

1,000 Acres of Open Space

Do you dream of grassy fields of wildflowers, rolling hills and big, shady trees? At Headwaters, those dreams are a reality. Headwaters was carefully designed to incorporate and preserve the natural landscape as much as possible. This means that at Headwaters, you can be the proud owner of a combined 1,000 acres of open space throughout the community. Headwaters’ land plan is so unique, that it even won Headwaters an award for Best Landscape Design.

Greenspace is abundant at Headwaters. The 1,000 preserved acres includes five protected hilltops that will never be built on – so your beautiful views throughout the community will remain just the way they are. More than eight miles of trails wind through the community, making it easy to connect with nature every day. Two community parks are just the place for a romantic evening picnic, or to let the kids burn off some steam after school. Included there are 300 acres of future parkland directly adjoining Headwaters, providing even more space to wander.

Sweeping views. Chirping birds. Peaceful evenings. These are just a few of the benefits that come with so much greenspace built right into Headwaters. It provides residents room to explore, discover and play in nature. And it’s so convenient – there’s no need to pack up the car and remember the sunscreen, because you can step right outside and onto a trail. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about maintaining a huge multi-acre lot. Instead of weekends spent mowing and edging an enormous lot, you can spend it biking on the trails or learning cartwheels at the park.

Headwaters is a different kind of community, where nature is king and spending time outdoors is part of everyday life. To learn more about what makes Headwaters unique, schedule a tour to see it all firsthand and join our Interest List to receive news and updates.